What Makes GALM The Industry Leading Event?

1. In-depth per material, per application analysis to practically demonstrate and identify the right materials for the right applications at the right cost

2. Material Suppliers' panel: Revealing plans and perspectives of material suppliers addressing global availability to support increased automotive demand of lightweight materials

3. More OEM speakers than any other lightweighting forum with extended panel discussions and designated Q&A sessions to promote constructive debate

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Principal Analysis Engineer, Prodrive

"Great overview of the current challenges and trends. Exactly what I needed"



1. Material Characterization for CAE Workshop bringing together the views of OEMs, Tier 1s and Material Suppliers to evaluate practical solutions for accurate modeling of multi-material vehicles

2. Practical Demonstration Of Total Benefits Of Lightweighting across the Body, Chassis, Powertrain and Sub-Systems to evaluate mass decompounding effects across the entire vehicle

3. Per Material, Per Application Analysis For Joining And Forming; taking a deep dive into practically overcoming manufacturing challenges to form and join mixed material lightweight vehicles

4. Extended Panel Discussions after presentations to compare and contrast new advancements and promote active discussion and constructive debate

5. Overcoming Global Challenges Of Lightweighting: Addressing Global Availability Of Raw Materials, Manufacturing Capabilities and Tier 1 Support for vehicles produced on a global scale

6. Optimising Through Lightweight Design: Part Consolidation, Packaging Efficiency And Designing For Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures

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